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Benefits of Room in Roof Insulation?


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Room in roof insulation involves the installation of insulation boards within the gaps between the rafters, which are the diagonal timbers forming the structure of the roof. Typically, this insulation process employs rigid insulation boards, providing effective thermal protection. Subsequently, a layer of plasterboard is applied over the insulation material, forming both the walls and ceiling of the room. Alternatively, some homeowners may opt for foam insulation, which is sprayed between the rafters. However, it's important to note that this method may not be suitable for all properties. Foam insulation, while effective in terms of thermal insulation, can impede proper air circulation around the timber framework. This restriction can potentially lead to issues such as condensation and dampness, making it a less recommended choice for some property types.

Grants for

Room in Roof Insulation

We are able to obtain funding for Room In Roof Insulation for some properties. An energy assessment will need to be carried out on your property to establish whether it is suitable for Room In Roof Insulation to be installed and to calculate how much funding will be available.

How does it


Roof-in-roof insulation works by using a unique type of insulation that fit into the gaps of the joists, rafters and the walls created. Creating a protective sheet of insulation keeping the room warm in the winter months and cooler in the summer months.