Benefits of Air Source Heating Pumps?

Air Source Heat Pumps

For the majority of properties, this represents the most straightforward choice when transitioning from a boiler to a renewable heating system. It serves the dual purpose of heating your property and providing hot water for domestic use. Additionally, it can be utilized for cooling and heating swimming pools

What equipment is necessary for

an Air Source Heat Pump system?

Air source heat pumps extract thermal energy from the outdoor air. The heat pump unit is typically situated externally, either adjacent to an exterior wall or linked to the property via pre-insulated pipes buried in a trench. Internally, the system typically comprises a hot water cylinder, a buffer tank, and two expansion vessels.

For an Air Source Heat Pump system

Government Support

The majority of air source heat pump installations may qualify for a £7,500 voucher through the Boiler Upgrade scheme.
Better Planet facilitates the voucher application process for our clients. Following the completion of the installation and satisfaction of all eligibility requirements, we redeem the voucher, reducing the installation cost by the same amount as the voucher

Planning Requirements

Air source heat pumps are governed by Permitted Development regulations. They typically fall under permitted development unless:

  • Your property is listed, located in a conservation area, or within an area of outstanding natural beauty.
  • The heat pump is positioned closer than 1 meter from the property boundary.
  • A noise impact assessment conducted by a neighbor indicates that the heat pump's location is too close to a neighbor's window.
  • The volume of the heat pump exceeds 0.6 m³.
  • There is more than one heat pump in the system.
  • The heat pump is configured for cooling purposes.